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Ecclesiastes I, the Teacher, was king over Israel in Jerusalem.

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Ecclesiastes "Behold," says the Teacher, "I have discovered this by adding one thing to another to find an explanation. Ecclesiastes "Futility of futilities," says the Teacher. Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers. Everything is futile! He had been trying to Expound in a clear and straightforward Manner, omitting Foreign Quotations, setting up for illustration of his Points such Historical Characters as were familiar to his hearers, putting the stubby Old English words ahead of the Latin, and rather flying low along the Intellectual Plane of the Aggregation that chipped in to pay his Salary.

But the Pewholders were not tickled.

by Kate DiCamillo

They could Understand everything he said, and they began to think he was Common. So he studied the Situation and decided that if he wanted to Win them and make everybody believe he was a Nobby and Boss Minister he would have to hand out a little Guff.

Chorus One (head)

He fixed it up Good and Plenty. He seemed to recognize the Quotation. The Preacher wiped his Brow and said he had no Doubt that every one within the Sound of his Voice remembered what Quarolius had said, following the same Line of Thought. It was Quarolius who disputed the Contention of the great Persian Theologian Ramtazuk, that the soul in its reaching out after the Unknowable was guided by the Spiritual Genesis of Motive rather than by Mere Impulse of Mentality.

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He talked off in just the Way that Cyrano talks when he gets Roxane so Dizzy that she nearly falls off the Piazza. They held on to the Cushions and seemed to be having a Nice Time. The Preacher quoted copiously from the Great Poet, Amebius. After which he sunk his Voice to a Whisper and talked about the Birds and the Flowers.

  1. An entire church burns to death, and that's just the start..
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  5. Then, although there was no Cue for him to Weep, he shed a few real Tears. The Stout Lady could not control her Feelings when she told how much the Sermon had helped her. In fact, every one said the Sermon was Superfine and Dandy.

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    The only thing that worried the Congregation was the Fear that if it wished to retain such a Whale it might have to Boost his Salary. But no one had the Face to step up and confess his Ignorance of these Celebrities. They stood Pat, and merely said it was an Elegant Sermon. Perceiving that they would stand for Anything, the Preacher knew what to do after that.

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